Belukha Tug Ends Sea Part of Acceptance Trials

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Belukha Tug Ends Sea Part of Acceptance Trials

The special purpose tugboat «Belukha» of project 16609 (building No 629) built for the Russian Ministry of Defense has successfully finished the sea part of the official state acceptance trials.


During this year the tugboat will be delivered to the State Customer and put into operation within the Baltic Fleet Navy.

The tugboat is intended for towing and berthing operations in harbor and coastal areas which comply with R2 navigation area (not more than 100 miles from place of shelter), performing of escort operations at the speed of 10 knots, refloating of ships and vessels, fire fighting operations at floating and shore objects, oil and petroleum content products, cargo transportation, ice breaking and rescue and special purpose operations.

Press Release, August 12, 2014; Image: Pella Shipyard
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