NSSA Divers Fix USS Elrod’s Propeller

NSSA Divers Fix USS Elrod's Propeller

Norfolk Ship Support Activity (NSSA) Dive Team Delta replaced hub software and sealed oil leaks on USS Elrod’s (FFG 55) propeller, at Naval Station Norfolk, the week of Aug. 11.


Elrod recently returned from deployment when Dive Team Delta began disassembling the propeller in late July, after finding oil leaking out of the hub of the propeller on blades 2B and 3C.

“Prior to our team starting the job, Elrod’s propeller blades were cleaned so that they looked brand new,” said Chief Navy Diver John McCulloch, leading chief petty officer. “It really helps a lot to have the area prepped and cleaned for the job.”

“FFGs (guided-missile frigates) are different from other ships in that they don’t have lifting tunnels in them, so we have to make wide rope bands around the hull of Elrod to provide lifting points to pick her up off of the hub and then move her back.”

Delta Chief Navy Diver Sam Elliot has performed this type of repair in the past and uses his experience to train other divers.


Press Release, August 13, 2014; Image: Wikimedia
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