USS Zephyr Structural Overhaul Commences

USS Zephyr Structural Overhaul Commences

Norfolk Ship Support Activity (NSSA) oversaw the dry-docking of USS Zephyr (PC 8) at Colonna’s Shipyard as it prepares to undergo a complete structural overhaul, Aug. 8.


Prior to Zephyr’s transfer to Norfolk she was serving as a coastal defense duties training vessel for Sailors stationed in Mayport, Florida.

“Docking ships at Colonna’s is different from normal dry-docking procedures since they utilize the world’s largest travel lift,” said NSSA naval architect technician Kevin Baum “In the water, ships are positioned onto a cradle which is fitted with a built in blocking system. That cradle is rigged with steel wire cables capable of lifting the ship out of the water and driving it onto land where it can be staged for its repairs.”

Once on land the ship can be shrink wrapped to protect it from the elements as repairs are being made.

With the significant amount of structural members being replaced a structural process control procedure is developed to protect the ship for incurring additional damage.

Earlier this year, NSSA provided the same oversight for USS Shamal (PC 13) during a nine-month structural overhaul.

Press Release, August 13, 2014; Image: US Navy