Lithuanian Navy, SNMCMG1 Conduct Combined Exercise

Lithuanian Navy, SNMCMG1 Conduct Combined Exercise

On August 13 a combined exercise concluded in the territorial waters and exclusive economic zone of Lithuania in the Baltic Sea.


The training event was attended by vessels from the Lithuanian Navy and Standing NATO Mine Counter-Measures Group ONE (SNMCMG1).

The exercise that took off on August 11 tested and enhanced readiness of the ships assigned to SNMCMG1 for joint operation. The Lithuanian vessels involved in the exercise trained interoperability with SNMCMG1 and rendering Host Nation Support to allied forces in case of necessity.

The ship crews trained formation maneuvering, hunting and disposing of mines and other explosive ordnance at sea, providing search and rescue, assistance to ships at distress, detention and search at sea, countering attacks of small-sized speedboats, gunnery, and other actions.

The exercise was attended by 6 SNMCMG1 vessels, including command and supply vessel LNS JOTVINGIS (N42) of the Lithuanian Navy assigned to the Group, while other three Lithuanian ships, mine hunter LNS SŪDUVIS (M52), and patrol vessels LNS AUKŠTAITIS (P14) and LNS SĖLIS (P32), took part on behalf of the Lithuanian Navy.

Press Release, August 18, 2014; Image: