UK Navy Helicopter Rescues Five

UK Navy Helicopter Rescues Five

A Royal UK Navy helicopter went to the rescue of five walkers after they were stranded in Torridon by a river in spate.


Following very heavy rainfall on Monday night 11 August, the group of two men and three children – as well as a dog – found their route out of the hills blocked by a river which had not only burst its banks but had become a raging torrent.

The Mark 5 Sea King from HMS Gannet in Prestwick was on scene at 10.35am on Tuesday – heavy rain and force 6 westerly winds, as well as poor visibility, made the approach difficult, but the aircraft achieved a hover close to the bothy where the walkers were located.

Aircrewman Petty Officer Alan ‘Speedy’ Speed was winched to the ground and made a check on the walkers. With all well and no injuries, the Sea King then landed close by and the party walked up to the aircraft.

“The river was in full spate,” said Lieutenant Angela Lewis, duty observer.

“All the people and their dog were absolutely fine, but there was definitely no way they could have crossed.

Press Release, August 20, 2014; Image: UK Navy