Ordnance Inspection Conducted aboard USS Theodore Roosevelt

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Ordnance Inspection Conducted aboard USS Theodore Roosevelt

Sailors aboard the aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71) participated in the Shipboard Explosive Safety Inspection (SESI) Aug. 11-14.


The five-day inspection required a team comprised of inspectors from Naval Ordnance Safety, Security Activity Explosive Safety Support Office, and Naval Operational Logistics Support Center Ammunition Atlantic to inspect weapons department’s spaces to verify the correct maintenance and storage of all ordnance aboard TR.

“The purpose of SESI is to ensure that we are managing all ordnance and related programs safely and efficiently,” said Lt. Cmdr. James Willett, TR’s ordnance handling officer (OHO).

Weapons department prepared for the inspection by regularly maintaining, cleaning and testing their equipment.

“The Weapons department has been preparing for this inspection since my arrival two years ago,” said Willett. “All magazines, ready service lockers, programs and equipment [were] inspected.”

The inspection included everything from ensuring that Sailors performing maintenance on ordnance had the proper qualifications to checking weapons elevator functionality.

“SESI is important because this inspection allows us to be able to carry ordnance in a safe and effective manner,” said Aviation Ordnanceman 1st Class Sheldon Gregory, G-5 leading petty officer. “If we do not pass this inspection this ship is not able to carry ordnance in order to carry out the ship’s mission.”

After five days and numerous man hours spent inspecting more than three million pounds of ordnance, SESI came to a close.

“It went really well,” said Gregory. “I was extremely impressed with weapons department as a whole, how they came together with collective minds, formulated a plan and executed.”

The Sailors in weapons department helped TR overcome yet another hurdle and move one step closer to deployment.

Press Release, August 21, 2014; Image: US Navy
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