DCNS Ends Indian Navy Crew Training Sessions

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DCNS Ends Indian Navy Crew Training Sessions

DCNS has successfully completed the operational and intermediate level crew training sessions of Platform Management System and Steering Console for the Indian Navy on 8th of August, 2014.


The trainings were conducted during five weeks at HBL, Hyderabad, for the crew of 1st & 2nd Scorpene® India submarines and MDL employees, for a total of 45 people.These trainings were initially scheduled in France but after successful local production, it was decided by DCNS and MDL with the Indian Navy to move a step ahead and conduct these trainings in India.

The Platform Management System (PMS) enables to control and monitor the submarine’s main installations in propulsion, electricity, safety, auxiliary and stability domains. The steering system controls the motion of the submarine by controlling the hydroplanes and rudder. It also controls the propulsion, regulation and trim systems on board, by an interface with PMS. Such critical equipments demand a very high level of training for flawless operations on board.

The training comprised of operation and troubleshooting (On board maintenance) activities and simulation for real time situations. The training progress was continuously followed and reviewed by high level naval officials.

According to HBL, “Such crucial trainings were previously conducted abroad, but it is a matter of great pride that these trainings are now being conducted in India, on equipments manufactured at HBL.”

These complex crew trainings for PMS and Steering Console are the first ever operational and intermediate level trainings under P75 Scorpene® India program and their success in India can be attributed to the successful indigenization implemented by DCNS, at HBL, through transfer of production, On Job Training, Technical Assistance and TDP transfer.

DCNS India is assisting DCNS in conducting the crew training sessions in India and would remain a nodal point for organizing future P75 trainings in India.

Press Release, August 27, 2014; Image: Wikimedia

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