GHOST – Missing Vessel in the Navy?

GHOST - Missing Vessel in the Navy

Juliet Marine Systems CEO Gregory Sancoff is hoping to get the US Department of Defence interested in the procurement of his innovative marine warship GHOST.


The developer of innovative solutions for naval and commercial applications has invested $15 million in constructing this futuristic stealth ship, which, as Bloomberg quoted Sancoff, has “no radar signature at all”.

Despite the lack of guarantee that the vessel will be purchased, Juliet Marine Systems’ CEO has been building the vessel at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard in Maine for over a decade now.

The GHOST is a revolutionary proprietary technology vessel platform that will assure force protection through stealth fighter/attack capabilities along with integrated situation awareness. These vessels would create a protective fleet perimeter, providing sensor and weapons platforms, allowing no surface or subsurface intrusions.

The GHOST is a combination of stealth fighter aircraft and attack helicopter technologies packaged in a marine platform. GHOST is designed to provide a marine surface and subsurface platform for tracking and identification of multiple targets. It has a very long range, low fuel burn, gas turbine powered, scalable.

In the following video Juliet Marine Systems presented the sixty feet long vessel:


– Supercavitating Hull
– Reliable Gas Turbines
– Revolutionary Propulsion
– High Speed Transit
– Manned/Unmanned
– Unparalleled Speed
– Long Range
– Outstanding Stability
– Large Weapons/Payload Capacity
– Enclosed Weapons Bay
– Air Transportable
– Three Crew Operation
– Scalable

Naval Today Staff, August 28, 2014; Image: Juliet Marine Systems


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