Joint Maritime Efforts Could Help Reduce Piracy

Joint Maritime Efforts Could Help Reduce Piracy

Piracy is posing one of the gravest challenges to the global maritime industry. The challenge, which will be addressed at the conference ‘Maritime Crime and the Effects on Growth and Development in the African Region’ at Danish Maritime Days on the 7th of October, should be met in a collective and holistic manner, the industry believes.


In collaboration with Ocean Beyond Piracy and Risk Intelligence, Danish Shipowners’ Association focusses its resources on maritime crime and the consequences it brings to shipowners on a daily basis on 7 October as part of Danish Maritime Days.

“Especially in the waters surrounding Somalia in the east and the Gulf of Guinea in the west, piracy poses a significant threat to the industry. Our conference ‘Maritime Crime and the Effects on Growth and Development in the African Region’ will shed light on the consequences of piracy and maritime crime in the affected regions in terms of growth and development,” says senior adviser Morten Glamsø from Danish Shipowners’ Association.

“Participants will discuss and develop scenarios in which the global maritime industry helps to reduce the risks of maritime crime and at the same time acts as the driving force behind further growth and development in the region,” Glamsø continues and welcomes an opportunity like Danish Maritime Days and the platform it creates for the industry to discuss and come up with collective and holistic solutions to the problem of maritime crime.

Danish Maritime Days is a global platform for collaboration across the industry – shipowners, bankers and other investors, shipyards, suppliers, brokers, lawyers, ship management, insurance, ports and various service providers – as well as with regulators and other important stakeholders and opinion shapers.

“Danish Maritime Days is a platform on which innovative ideas; fruitful discussions; and useful solutions for everyone involved are developed in collaboration across all sectors of the global maritime industry,” says Head of Secretariat Johannah Christensen.

Press Release, August 29, 2014; Image: Wikimedia