Swedish Navy’s MV Belos Gets NASDive System

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Swedish Navy's MV Belos Gets NASDive System

Nautronix, a provider of through water communication and positioning technology to the offshore industry, has commissioned the largest NASDive digital diver communications system for GDA, who were working on an upgrade of the communication system on-board Submarine Rescue Vessel, the MV Belos for the Swedish Navy.


The vessel provides support for the Swedish Navy, and is fitted with hyperbaric chambers to facilitate rescue of submariners in the event of an incident. It was recently on an exercise with the NATO Submarine Rescue system. Following that exercise the chamber system upgrade took place, and included a full upgrade of the chamber communications system to NASDive. This involved communications to 8 individual locations in each of 4 chambers, 2 further locations in each of 5 locks and transfer chambers plus an additional 9 external communications locations, making an impressive total of 51 individual locations.

The system was delivered 18 weeks from order following a full client witnessed FAT at Nautronix premises, and installed by the client, with final commissioning by 2 Nautronix engineers over a 4 day period 2 weeks later. The Belos installation has shown the power and flexibility of NASDive to facilitate high quality communications with a large number of locations, and be easily retrofitted to existing chamber systems.


Press Release, September 01, 2014; Image: Nautronix
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