Lockheed Martin Celebrates 60th Birthday of C-130

Lockheed Martin Celebrates 60th Birthday of C-130

While Lockheed Martin celebrated the 60th anniversary of the first flight of the C-130, Aug. 23, members of Fleet Logisitcs Support Squadron (VR) 62 were flying missions with the ‘Mighty Hercules’ while on detachment to Naval Air Station Sigonella.


“We have been coming to EUCOM [European Command] for over fifteen years now. We love coming to NAS Sigonella and supporting the requirements of Combined Task Force Sixty Three,” said Cmdr. B.T. Smith, commanding officer of VR-62. “The C-130 can haul a lot of materials to support most any type of operation. NAS Sigonella is a great location to support European Command, Africa Command and even Central Command if need be.”

The VR-62 Nomads also completed detachments in Pacific Command and Central Command this year. The normal Navy C-130 rotation is to complete three theater detachments per year. During the detachment cycle, the squadron’s remaining aircraft are tasked with Navy Air Logistic Office missions supporting the fleet to all parts of the world.

Navy C-130’s are part of Navy Unique Fleet Essential Airlift. Meaning that the U.S. Navy has control of its own airlift. The Fleet Logistics Support Wing is a Navy Reserve entity and has no active duty counterpart.

“This is no part-time reserve unit. We operate around the globe and around the clock,” said Master Chief Aviation Maintenance Administrationman Karen Quinn, VR-62 Operations master chief.

The VR-62 Nomads arrived at NAS Sigonella on June 7, and returned to NAS Jacksonville, Florida, Sept. 1, when relieved by a detachment of the VR-55 ‘Minutemen.’
VR-62 Nomads are based at NAS Jacksonville and are one of five Navy Reserve C-130T squadrons supporting the fleet around the globe.

Press Release, September 03, 2014; Image: US Navy