Portsmouth’s Naval Reserve Opens Doors to Potential Recruits

Portsmouth’s Naval Reserve Opens Doors to Potential Recruits

From diving to mine warfare and nursing to media operations, the Portsmouth’s own Naval Reserve is offering potential recruits the chance to gain an insight into the valuable work of the UK Navy’s own volunteer force.


Portsmouth’s reserve establishment, HMS King Alfred, which has volunteers from across southern England, is holding a Live event on Saturday 6 September at the Whale Island naval base.

There will be opportunities to meet the local team and discuss the benefits of being a reservist, the wide range of activities on offer and a chance to see some of these specialist roles in action on board former destroyer HMS Bristol, now a training ship.

HMS King Alfred’s Commanding Officer, Anthony Stickland, said: “Being a member of the Royal Naval Reserve is an excellent way to make a positive contribution to the country, gain additional skills and knowledge, make new friends, and participate in sports and adventure training activities and challenges.”

More than 2,300 men and women currently serve as Reservists in the Royal Navy, alongside their normal day job and most have no previous military experience when joining.

Jobs within the Royal Naval Reserve are varied, whether they are on shore or at sea.

They can include: logistics, intelligence, diving, mine warfare, information systems, submarine operations, maritime trade operations, communications, nursing, and media operations.

When needed, the Royal Naval Reserve supplements the full-time ranks with extra manpower, and in some cases provides additional specialist civilian skills.

New recruits must be aged between 16 and 40, have a basic standard in English and Maths, and be able to complete a one-and-a-half-mile run.

Reserves need to be able to commit the equivalent of 24 days a year for training, which can include evenings and weekends and a single two week continuous training course.


Press Release, September 03, 2014; Image: UK Navy
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