HMAS Harman Supports Fundraising Efforts

HMAS Harman personnel fundraising for Legacy Badge Week.

HMAS Harman continued its support of Legacy last week by providing 14 volunteer sailors and officers and 60 Australian Navy Cadet (ANC) volunteers from TS Canberra to sell badges, for three days, during Legacy’s Canberra and Queanbeyan badge appeal.


Harman’s contribution was also boosted by Delta Squadron, from the Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA), who also volunteered to help raise money for the cause.

Legacy is a nation-wide organisation, which provides support to more than 115,000 widows and 1,900 dependents from families with deceased or incapacitated veterans.

Queanbeyan Legacy is HMAS Harman’s official charity, but with the number of volunteers this year buoyed by the assistance of the ANC and ADFA, the base was also able to offer some man power to help Canberra Legacy achieve its fundraising targets.

Mr Chris Hunter, Fundraising Chairman of Canberra Legacy, was appreciative of the support that HMAS Harman provided.

“Finding enough volunteers to fill all the time slots is often difficult and having Harman’s support made our job a lot easier. It made it possible to gain much needed funds for Legacy,” Mr Hunter said.

Once the figures are tallied, it is expected that close to $300,000 will have been raised cumulatively for Canberra and Queanbeyan.

Leading Seaman Tara Endres, who volunteered in Queanbeyan, said she is pleased the funds will be put to such good use.

“Queanbeyan Legacy manages and provides affordable accommodation at the ‘Legacy Village’ for older widows. We do working bees at this village and it is great to visit and see how the funds raised through Legacy Badge Week help with maintenance, health and social support,” Leading Seaman Endres said.

HMAS Harman supported Badge Week 2014 with five times the number of regular Navy volunteers as it did in 2013, and boosted its overall support across both Canberra and Queanbeyan by involving the ANC for the first time. It is hoped this number will grow again in 2015.

Press Release, September 08, 2014; Image: Australian Navy
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