Abbott Government to Spend $20 Bln on Japanese Submarines

Abbott Government to Spend $20 Bln on Japanese Submarines

The next generation of Australian submarines could be the Japanese-built Soryu Class submarines which will replace the Collins Class vessels.


The Abbott Government’s contract worth more than $20 billion for up to 10 submarines will be announced before the end of the year and, according to, the Government is still considering both German and French submarine builders. However, senior sources told News Corp Australia that the Japanese option was clear favourite.

Japanese Soryu Class submarines’ purchase price would be about half the price of an Australian option.

The Soryu-class submarines (16SS) are diesel-electric submarines that entered service with the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force in 2009. The design is an evolution of the Oyashio class submarine, from which it can most easily be distinguished by its X-shaped tail planes. The Soryus have the largest displacement of any submarine used by post war Japan.

Naval Today Staff, September 09, 2014; Image: US Navy/Wikimedia