USS TR Promotes CPOs

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USS TR Promotes CPOs

Twenty Sailors aboard the aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN 71) donned the khaki uniform for the first time as chief petty officers (CPO) during a chief pinning ceremony in the ship’s hangar bay, Sept. 16.


The U.S. Navy chief petty officer rank dates back to 1893 when the Navy first created the chief petty officer pay-grade, marks a turning-point in an enlisted Sailor’s career. Each freshly pinned chief will take on a role of greater authority and responsibility.

During CPO 365 Phase Two, a year-long training program that prepares first class petty officers to become chiefs, senior leaders challenged the new chiefs to improve as leaders and mentors.

Following the ceremony, fellow CPOs and Sailors congratulated each newly pinned chief. These Sailors’ transition into the Chiefs’ Mess is complete.


Press Release, September 17, 2014; Image: US Navy
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