Australian Navy Delivers Supplies to Solomon Islands

HMAS Tarakan collects donations in Honiara.

Two Royal Australian Navy landing craft have delivered vital supplies to remote communities in Solomon Islands as part of Australia’s commitment to provide support to the region.


HMA Ships Labuan and Tarakan transported education, medical and flood relief supplies from the capital Honiara to coastal communities in need. Labuan headed north and east to Tulaghi and Auki, with her sister ship Tarakan heading south to Guadalcanal’s very remote Weather Coast.

Commanding Officer of Tarakan, Lieutenant James Carroll, said the landing craft were ideally suited to the task.

“Some communities are incredibly remote and mountainous with no roads or established port facilities, so the only way to get supplies in is either by small boat or helicopter. Our shallow draft and large cargo capacity was perfect,” he said.

The stores and equipment were provided by the Solomon Islands Government and non-government organisations.

Labuan and Tarakan will now return to Cairns, marking the end of their decommissioning voyages, that took them to ports in regional Queensland as well as the South Pacific. While deployed, they participated in the international humanitarian and disaster response exercise CROIX DU SUD in waters off New Caledonia.

Navy will decommission HMA Ships Labuan, Tarakan and Brunei in Cairns in November, after almost 40 years of service.

Press Release, September 18, 2014; Image: Australian Navy
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