HDP-T Authorized for Sailors and Marines

HDP-T Authorized for Sailors and Marines

To compensate Sailors and Marines for extended deployments driven by normal peacetime requirements, Hardship Duty Pay – Tempo (HDP-T) will be paid to Sailors and Marines, active duty and reserve, deployed beyond 220 consecutive days, effective Sept. 17, 2014.


The Department of the Navy HDP-T proposal, authorized by the Secretary of the Navy earlier this summer, was approved by the Department of Defense for two years.

“The Navy and Marine Corps’ unique ability to provide and maintain a global presence is made possible by the hard work of our Sailors and Marines,” said Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus.

“For some time now, these men and women have met the significant demand for our forces without waver. As the need for our presence continues, Hardship Duty Pay – Tempo (HDP-T) is an important effort to further compensate our Sailors and Marines for their willingness to take on extended deployments and for the frontline role they continue to play in keeping our nation, and our world, safe.”

Sailors and Marines will receive HDP-T on a prorated daily basis of $16.50, not to exceed a monthly rate of $495, when they are operationally deployed beyond 220 consecutive days.

For units currently deployed, like the USS Bataan Amphibious Ready Group and George H. W. Bush Strike Group consecutive days prior to Sept. 17 will count when determining eligibility for payment. Payment will not be made for deployments that concluded before Sept. 17.

Military pay systems are being updated to handle payment of HDP-T; expected date of completion is by the end of the year. Sailors and Marines eligible for HDP-T as of Sept. 17 will accrue the pay and see it in their pay checks once the system update is complete.

Additional details will be promulgated by service administrative messages in the coming weeks.

Press Release, September 18, 2014; Image: US Navy