UK Navy’s Lynx Awarded for Achievements

Royal Navy Lynx recognised for outstanding operational effectiveness

Two Royal UK Naval Lynx helicopter Flights were recognised on Friday, 12 September 2014, with the award of the prestigious Osprey Trophy and the Sopwith Pup Trophy.


The Osprey trophy was awarded to 815 Naval Air Squadron (NAS), 214 Flight, for their achievements whilst operationally embarked in HMS Montrose.

Over the past year 214 Flight have successfully undertaken a demanding programme of operational activity with HMS Montrose, including a 7 month Operational deployment.

During the deployment they were required to undertake frequent surface searches in support of operations in the Middle East, operating in conjunction with other armed forces across the region.

In Nov 2013, 214 Flt and HMS Montrose were re-tasked to support OP RECSYR, the multinational UN sanctioned operation to remove Chemical Weapon pre-cursor chemicals from Syria.

During this tasking 214 Flight were relied upon to provide a flexible round-the-clock Casualty evacuation, transport and patrol capability for the mobile task group.

They returned to the UK in March 2014, however in May the Flight were immediately tasked to support an emergent Baltic patrol requirement with HMS Montrose.

Through the commitment of all flight members, the aircraft remained available to command when required.

Rear Admiral Matt Parr CB, Commander Operations presented the trophy that is awarded annually to the front-line Lynx Flight that has contributed most to the ethos, reputation and standing of the Lynx Wildcat Maritime Force over the previous year.

The Osprey Trophy was commissioned in 2007, in memory of four members of HMS Portland’s Flight who lost their lives in a Lynx helicopter that crashed off the Lizard peninsula in December 2004.

The Lynx Wildcat Maritime Force was delighted and honoured to be joined by family members of HMS Portland’s Flight.

The Sopwith Pup Trophy was also awarded on the day.

This trophy is awarded annually to the Ship whose flight achieves and maintains the highest degree of Operational Capability over the year from 1 Apr to 31 Mar.

For 2014, the Sopwith Pup Trophy was awarded to HMS Daring in acknowledgement of the operational efforts and exceptional aircraft availability achieved by 815 Squadron’s 200 Flight, whilst supporting HMS Daring’s 9-month global deployment in 2013.

Press Release, September 19, 2014; Image: UK Navy
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