HMS Argyll, USS TR Sail Together

HMS Argyll, USS TR Sail Together

Royal UK Navy frigate HMS Argyll and the nuclear-powered US Navy super-carrier the USS Theodore Roosevelt joined up in shortly after taking part in the 200th birthday celebrations of the US National Anthem in Baltimore.


HMS Argyll sailed down Chesapeake Bay to link up with the flagship of Carrier Strike Group 12, which sailed from its base in Norfolk, Virginia.

The 100,000-tonne flat-top – which has 5,000 sailors and more than 40 jets – is working up in the Atlantic and invited the British warship to join in its exercises with destroyer USS Farragut, cruiser USS Normandy and tanker USNS Kanawha.

HMS Argyll – which displaces 4,500 tonnes and has a crew of 190 – was put through her paces by an air defence exercise as well as a stint guarding the carrier and carrying out in-company manoeuvres.

Some of the Royal Navy sailors were also give a chance to look around the carrier, while US sailors headed in the opposite direction to experience life aboard a Royal Navy frigate.

The exercises concluded with HMS Argyll replenishing at sea to take on fuel from the Kanawha. The units then parted ways, with HMS Argyll returning to her duties in the Caribbean.

HMS Argyll has deployed to the Caribbean region to provide reassurance and, if required, humanitarian aid and disaster relief support to the UK’s British Overseas Territories and other islands during the hurricane season.

HMS Argyll will also conduct counter narcotics patrols in conjunction with the US Coast Guard to enhance regional security and deter illicit activity.

Press Release, September 23, 2014; Image: UK Navy

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