Italian Navy’s OPV Cassiopea Takes Part in Ramogepol 2014

Italian Navy's OPV Cassiopea Takes Part in Ramogepol 2014

The Italian Navy’s OPV Cassiopea, commanded by Lieutenant Michele Franceschino, recently engaged in the international exercise “Ramogepol 2014”, designed to combat marine and coastal pollution.


Ramogepol 2014 was conducted in the Strait of Bonifacio during September 16 and 17 and involved navy and cargo ships, aircraft and personnel from the State parties of the RAMOGE agreement: Italy, France, Principality of Monaco and, for the second time, Spain.

The Ramoge Agreement was signed in 1976 to preserve biodiversity in the Mediterranean, and promote cooperation among States to combat pollution and enhance search and rescue and lifesaving techniques.

The subject of this exercise was a hypothetical collision between two cargo ships near the coast, with a risk of an oil spill and serious pollution of the waters off the Elba Island.

ITS Cassiopea is one of Italian Navy’s 6 coastal patrollers based in Augusta fitted for anti-pollution (containment breakdowns), Skimmer Discoil, and pollutants storage (up to 500 cubic meters), and an analysis lab for chemical/physical pollutants properties. Only recently OPV Cassiopea has been deployed to the Isola del Giglio tasked with anti-pollution prevention activities during the Costa Concordia parbukling.


Press Release, September 24, 2014; Image: Italian Navy