Spanish Navy’s Cristóbal Colón Heads to Faslane, Scotland

Spanish Navy's Cristóbal Colón Heads to Faslane, Scotland

The Spanish Navy’s frigate ‘Cristóbal Colón’ (F-105) has set sail towards Faslane (Scotland) where she will arrive on October 2nd to participate in the joined-combined exercise ‘Joint Warrior 142’ organized by the United Kingdom with participation of naval, air and land forces from other Allied nations.

The ‘Cristóbal Colón’ will arrive at the Royal Navy Base to take part in the coordination meetings before the actual exercise, scheduled to start by October 5th. The maneuvers in north Scottish waters will last nearly two weeks and will include both, conventional and asymmetric warfare situations, along with cyber-attacks which will put to the test the command and control systems of the different units.

‘Joint Warrior 142’ are a series of international exercises for naval, air and land forces where the host nation, the United Kingdom, will set up a complex scenario for training on tactics and procedures to enable Allied forces to successfully integrate into a multinational combat group.

The training schedule comprises a wide variety of drills on different air, surface, underwater and amphibious theatres of operation, including crisis and conflict situations: from territorial disputes to terrorist and pirate activities.

The F-105 will return to her home port by October 21st upon the conclusion of the exercise.

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Press Release, October 02, 2014; Image: Spanish Navy
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