HMS Ambush Concludes Maiden Mission

Just two days after her sister-ship, HMS Astute, arrived home from her inaugural operational deployment, the second of the Royal UK Navy’s new Astute Class submarines, HMS Ambush also returned to HMNB Clyde after a successful maiden mission.

HMS Ambush readying to come alongside

High-tech hunter-killer HMS Ambush left Faslane on July 4 to sail across the Equator to visit Rio de Janeiro in Brazil before heading for the North Atlantic and the United States.

HMS Ambush visited Rio in August and joined delegates from 34 other nations, including France, the United States and Peru, where she helped mark the Brazilian navy’s submarine forces’ centenary celebrations.

Speaking of the deployment, Commander Justin Codd, the Commanding Officer of HMS Ambush, said: “HMS Ambush is one of the most capable submarines in the world and the successful deployment has proven that she is now ready for deployment anywhere.

“There was much interest in the vessel from international navies and we were delighted to be able to host senior military personnel on board and to demonstrate the capabilities of this formidable submarine.”

The Royal Navy’s newest and most advanced submarine, Ambush is at the cutting edge of the UK’s military capability.

Ambush’s stop-over at Brazil was an important occasion, not only as an opportunity for the crew to forge relationships with international partners, but also to showcase the UK’s achievements in developing the Astute class.

HMS Ambush held a reception on board for the Head of the Brazilian navy, Admiral Mauro Neto, as well as naval representatives from other countries. Welcoming the attendees on board was the Royal Navy’s Rear Admiral Submarines and Commander Operations, Rear Admiral Matt Parr.

The boat also hosted two defence industry visits with Royal Navy specialists and BAE Systems and Babcock representatives in attendance.

After her Brazilian deployment, the boat next headed for the cool waters of the North Atlantic and a period of training and exercises before visiting the US Naval Base at King’s Bay in Georgia.

Press Release, October 13, 2014; Image: UK Navy