VIDEO: Presenting the UK Navy’s OPVs Enhancements

Construction of the Royal UK Navy’s River Class Batch 2 Offshore Patrol Vessels is underway in Glasgow.

VIDEO Presenting the UK Navy's OPVs Enhancements

Find out how the River Class OPVs have evolved into an enhanced design already in service with the Brazilian Navy and Royal Thai Navy with further modifications to meet the requirements of the Royal Navy.

Check out the video below for an insight into the enhancements of the new class of OPVs.

The Royal Navy’s new Offshore Patrol Vessels will be named HMS Forth, HMS Medway and HMS Trent.

The manufacturing contract for the three ships was announced in August. The OPVs will be globally deployable and capable of ocean patrol with a range of 5,000 nautical miles and a maximum speed of 24 knots. The first of class is expected to be delivered to the Royal Navy in 2017.

With a length of 90 metres, the OPVs will have a displacement of 2,000 tonnes and will be able to accommodate 60 persons for 35 days.

Naval Today Staff, October 13, 2014; Image/Video: BAE systems