Spanish Navy’s Cazadora Stops 15 Immigrants

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The Spanish Navy’s oceanic patrol vessel ‘Cazadora’, currently conducting a maritime surveillance and patrol operation in the Gulf of Cadiz and the Alboran Sea, intercepted an inflatable craft with 15 male immigrants, 62 miles off the coast of Almería.

Spanish Navy's Cazadora Stops Immigrants

The Spanish Navy ship received a notice from a merchant ship and immediately informed the Maritime Action Surveillance and Operations Center (COVAM). The patrol vessel approached the craft and, after ascertaining that the occupants were in good shape, proceeded to inform the local Rescue Coordination Centre for further action.

The ‘Cazadora’ remained in the proximity of the craft until the occupants were safely transferred to the SAR vessel.

The OPV ‘Cazadora’ is currently supporting NATO’s operation ‘Active Endeavour’, an operation intended to prevent the movement of terrorists and weapons of mass destruction in the Mediterranean Sea.

Press Release, October 15, 2014; Image: Spanish Navy

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