Somali Students Train aboard HNLMS Van Speijk

During her recent port visit to Djibouti to replenish food and spare parts, Dutch frigate HNLMS Van Speijk, took the opportunity to assist EUCAP Nestor in delivering practical training for Somali students who are currently completing a port control course.

After the warship arrived in Djibouti, the students and EUCAP Nestor trainers were welcomed on board by the commanding officer, Commander Jansen. The students were given briefings on the practical use of radar, navigation and communication systems. Having an understanding of these maritime systems is necessary for port control operations both on board and ashore.

The interactive training sessions, which included theoretical lessons and practical exercises were viewed as valuable by all the trainees. Three students remained on board during the ship’s departure from Djibouti to enable them to see the systems being used in real operations.