New Canadian Naval Ensign Adopted

New Canadian Naval Ensign Adopted

Vice-Admiral Mark Norman, Commander of the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN), yesterday announced the adoption of a stylized flying Canadian Naval Ensign as the new visual identifier for the RCN.

The new Canadian Naval Ensign identifier is a simple, yet powerful symbol of our proud institution.

It embodies the strong commitment of our men and women who serve as members of the Canadian Armed Forces in the Royal Canadian Navy and who uphold the Royal Canadian Navy’s motto of ‘Ready Aye Ready’ each day through their steadfast vigilance and willingness to serve. This initiative is about celebrating our legacy in Canadian history and our contributions on the world stage.

The Canadian Naval Ensign is flown to distinguish Canadian warships from other Canadian flagged vessels by highlighting their special status under international law. Flying the Canadian Naval ensign underscores the unique roles, responsibilities, liabilities and powers of a ship’s company as serving members of the Canadian Armed Forces. The Canadian Naval Ensign is a powerful symbol of the Canadian naval identity.

RCN ensignThe adoption of this new public communications tool, which complements the RCN’s military badge, ensign, and motto, stems from a series of changes announced over the past several years by the Government of Canada, celebrating over 100 years of Canadian naval heritage. Among these initiatives were the return to the Royal designation, the restoration of the Executive Curl on naval uniforms, and the adoption of a new Canadian Naval Ensign. The new visual identifier builds on these changes and links them to the historical roots of the RCN, and to its present duties and responsibilities to defend Canada and contribute to international peace and security.

The announcement came on Niobe Day, which will be marked from now on each year by the RCN on October 21 to commemorate the arrival date of HMCS Niobe, the first Canadian warship to enter Canada’s territorial waters in 1910. This event was a landmark in the beginnings of the Naval Service of Canada.

The new Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) visual identifier will serve as a reminder that service in the RCN is uniquely distinguished by the concept of service before self and the lawful, ordered application of military force as directed by the Canadian government. As members of the profession of arms, officers and sailors of the RCN are held to high standards of integrity, conduct and discipline, willing to be sent into harm’s way and ready to make the ultimate sacrifice in service to Canada.

The adoption of this new visual identifier is linked in part to a larger internal communications campaign aimed at reinforcing the values linked to military service and the profession of arms, and promoting the need for continuous education and training in preparing younger generations of sailors for the new fleet that will be delivered through the National Shipbuilding Procurement Strategy.

Press release, Image: Canadian Navy