HMS Argyll Assists Bermuda after Hurricane Gonzalo

Sailors from HMS Argyll have completed a four-day clear-up operation in Bermuda to help the island recover from the destruction wrought by Hurricane Gonzalo.

They have left the tiny British territory after clearing roads, restoring power supplies, and searching the island for remote and inaccessible sites affected by the storm. Now Bermuda is “open for business” again.

Before sailing to resume her counter-drugs patrols of the Caribbean, the frigate’s crew were invited to a thank-you ceremony.

HMS Argyll arrived in Bermuda hot on the heels of the hurricane, braving rough seas to arrive as soon as possible after the storm had passed.

The work Argyll carried out in Bermuda was exactly what she planned for before sailing from her native Plymouth back in the spring.

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Press release, Image: UK Navy