HMS Iron Duke’s ‘Duchess’ Prepared for Action

HMS Iron Duke’s embarked Lynx Aircraft – 404 – also known as ‘Duchess’ receives the regular TLC she needs to keep her flying during busy periods at sea and alongside.

The work never ends for the Type 23’s Fleet Air Arm contingent embarked for HMS Iron Duke’s 6 month deployment away from the UK.

Although she’s not the youngest aircraft in the Fleet, she keeps on flying thanks to the effort put in by the 10 strong team on board.

The Portsmouth based warship has been away from the UK for 4 months and the reliance on the aircraft is much the same regardless of where in the world she is – more so when far out at sea should an emergency occur.

As well as the war-fighting role of the aircraft, other uses include stores transfers, humanitarian recce missions, spotting for Naval Gunfire and of course medical emergencies.

It is probably this latter role which keeps the aircrew on their toes, for whilst it is a rare occurrence, it is one which will come without warning and is why the aircraft must always be ready to fly at short notice.

Press release, Image: UK Navy