US Navy Divers Engage in SATFADS Mission

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US Navy divers from the Supervisor of Salvage and Diving (SUPSALV) completed a Saturation Fly-Away Dive System (SATFADS) mission in 470 feet of fresh water Oct. 8.

This 10-day SATFADS mission served to validate the underwater dressing and undressing procedures for a contaminated diving water suit. The purpose of the water suit is to prevent waterborne contaminants, such as excessive oils, grease and aviation fuel, from endangering the diver.

Paul McMurtrie, Saturation Diving System program manager:

The SATFADS suit has been developed for diving in contaminated waters encountered during deep ocean salvage operations.

This protection is critical to saturation divers returning from a working dive because toxins encountered during a recovery can contaminate the helium and oxygen gas a diver breathes while in the diving bell and be fatal to the divers under pressure.

Press release, Image: US Navy

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