HMAS Success Sails for the First Time in Two Months

Australian Navy’s HMAS Success proceeded to sea for the first time in just over two months on 13 October, but for Commanding Officer Captain Allison Norris, it signified the last week of her command.

Captain Norris joined Success on 4 December 2012, and saw the ship through three maintenance periods, including one which lasted 11 months. She led the ship’s company on three operations; RESOLUTE, SOUTHERN INDIAN OCEAN and SOLANIA, steaming more than 42,000 nautical miles over 183 days away from home port. During this time, Success was also the figurehead of Navy’s significant presence at Exercise RIMPAC 2014.

The day prior to handing command to Commanding Officer Designate Captain Justin Jones, Captain Norris gathered her crew together for one last Clear Lower Deck. She reflected on a challenging 23 months and reminded her personnel of their achievements, not least proving the reliability of Success and earning the respect of the rest of the fleet during 49 days at sea searching for lost Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370.

A formal ceremony to hand over the ‘weight’ of command was held alongside Fleet Base East in Sydney on 17 October, with Captain Norris being farewelled with salutes as she departed the ship for the last time.

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Press release, Image: Australian Navy