EASF Students Tour HNLMS van Speijk

On Thursday 23 October HNLMS van Speijk hosted a group of sixteen students from the East African Standby Forces (EASF) of the African Union.

HNLMS Van Speijk was berthed in front of the Seychelles Coast Guard Headquarters and the Dutch warship’s commanding officer welcomed the EASF students on board.

The EASF officers, who hail from several East African countries, were guided through the operational planning process by the navy trainers on board.

The head of the Operations Department then briefed the students on how a ship at sea plans minor and major operations at the tactical level.

On completion of the briefings the EASF students were given a tour around HNLMS van Speijk and they were introduced to members of the ship’s company.

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Press release, Image: EU NAVFOR