Australian, New Zealand and Japanese Ships Open to Public

HMA Ships Anzac, Arunta, HMNZ Ship Te Kaha and JDS Kirisame rolled out their welcome mats, ball-caps and memorabilia for the Albany Convoy Commemorative Event Ship’s Open Day on 2 November.

Comments throughout the day included the ‘Tardis-like’ dimensions of modern warships, surprise at the relaxing surrounds of the mess decks and how excited people were to see things up-close.

Of particular interest, Kirisame, a Murasame class destroyer, with the Hinomaru or ‘circle of the sun’ flag fluttering in the breeze, attracted enthusiasts alike – especially with her unique angled superstructure and SH-60J Seahawk clawing to the flight deck.

Around 12,000 people navigated their way through the decks appreciating the ‘home away from home’ environment exploring the operations room, sleeping spaces and mess decks.

On Arunta, onlookers were explained how the flight deck was transformed by Navy Physical Training Instructors into a fitness class environment.

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Press release, Image: Australian Navy