Mobile Diving and Salvage Unit 2 Hunts for Mines

When members of Mobile Diving and Salvage Unit (MDSU) 2’s Area Search Platoon (ASP) participated in a controlled exercise with Explosive Ordnance Disposal Mobile Unit (EODMU) 12, EOD technicians were able to execute their mission in a fraction of the time.

EODMU 12 was tasked to find mine shapes off the coast of Key West, Fla., as part of their routine training cycle, and the ASP was on hand with their team of robotics experts to cut down the unit’s search time.

Chief Operations Specialist William Earp, leading chief petty officer of MDSU2’s ASP said:

The reports we hand the unit detail the type of mine and its location.

The EOD technicians were able to execute their mission quickly by using the data from an unmanned underwater vehicle (UUV), and turned a four day process of finding mine shapes into a two hour scenario.

According to Earp, the concept of using a team that can operate unmanned systems (UMS) comprised of UUVs to locate live ordnance is the latest platform in underwater mine counter-measures (MCM). Much like members of the ASP, robot operators will conduct searches with their UUVs and underwater remote operated vehicles (ROV) to locate items on the ocean floor, but with a focus on the MCM mission. These personnel will deploy with EOD units on missions and assist them in locating ordnance so they can execute their mission safely.

MDSU 2’s ASP does not typically engage in MCM though they are participating in the exercise Bold Alligator along with EODMU 6 to showcase the capabilities of how this new breed of platoon operates.

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Press release, Image: US Navy