HMAS Success Prepares for Mission (Gallery)

HMAS Success Prepares for Mission

HMAS Success enjoyed a welcome change of tempo on 22 October when Commodore Warfare, Commodore Peter Leavy, visited the ship during its Mission Readiness Workup in the waters off Jervis Bay.

He arrived in ‘Odin’ the ship’s Seahawk helicopter whilst the ship was at action stations and engaged in a damage control exercise.

Commodore Leavy then observed replenishment at sea with HMAS Sirius and a heavy jackstay serial with HMAS Sydney. In the course of the day he took the opportunity to tour Success and spent time with sailors, Senior Sailors and officers in their various messes and workplaces before returning to shore.

Commodore Leavy said that he was very interested to see the state of Success after her recent maintenance period, especially as the ship is shortly deploying in support of Operation MANITOU.

In previous deployments our frigates have been assigned to clear and well understood fields of operation – anti-piracy, drug interdiction and so on – and they have performed very well.

In Success’s case we will have a ship which will interact far more broadly with our partners as she fulfils her primary job of replenishment at sea. Success will have the opportunity to give our Navy greater visibility to all coalition nations with maritime assets in the region.

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Press release, Image: Australian Navy