Image of the Day: Impressive Flares Discharge

Image of the Day Impressive Flares Discharge

In early November, ITS Andrea Doria’s EH 101 helicopter carried out an impressive flares discharge as part of a training exercise.

When authorized, ITS Andrea Doria’s EH101 helicopter starts the flares discharge sequence.

The helicopter proceeds in bound to ITS Andrea Doria after finishing the discharge sequence, leaving behind a suggestive smoke drawing.

Flares are used in military aircraft as a defensive counter-measure against heat-seeking missiles. These flares are usually discharged individually or in salvoes by the Aircrew, but it is also possible to discharge them all at once. Since they are intended to deceive infrared missiles, these flares burn at temperatures of thousands of degrees, and when doing so, light up the night sky.

Image of the Day Impressive Flares Discharge2


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