Israel Aerospace Industries Tests Barak-8 Defense System

The Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), in collaboration with the Israeli Ministry of Defense (IMOD), conducted a successful test of the Barak-8 Air & Missile Defense System yesterday, November 10.

Barak-8 is an advanced groundbreaking air and missile defense system that provides ultimate protection against a variety of aerial platforms, both land and naval scenarios. It is designed jointly with the DRDO (Defence Research and Development Organization) in India and is used by the IDF and the Indian defense forces. The system includes an advanced Phased Array digital radar, command and control, vertical launchers and missiles carrying a highly advanced seeker.

Barak-8 is regarded as an extensive project by the IMOD and is led by IAI, the prime contractor, in collaboration with IMOD’s Directorate of Defense Research and Development (DDR&D), ELTA Systems Ltd.- IAI’s group and subsidiary, RAFAEL Advanced Defense Systems, and other defense industries.

The current test validated all components of the weapon system to the satisfaction of the customer representatives. Israeli specialists and Indian scientists, including IMOD’s and DDR&D’s representatives participated in the test, along with both countries’ armed forces officers.

The scenario began with launching the target. After being detected by the System’s radar, the weapon system calculated the optimal interception point, launched the Barak-8 missile into its operational trajectory that acquired the target, and successfully intercepted it. All the weapon system’s components met the test’s goals successfully.

Press release, Image: IAI