QinetiQ Supports UK Navy’s Software Issuing Office

QinetiQ has been awarded an 18 month contract to continue supporting the Royal Navy’s Software Issuing Office (SIO) in the distribution of all software and electronic data to its fleet units across the globe.

The SIO is part of Navy Command’s Fleet Information Management Unit (FIMU) which provides mission and system critical geographic, encyclopaedic warfare reference data and electronic publications for Command, Control, Combat and Mission Support Systems across all of the fighting arms of the Royal Navy.

QinetiQ initially developed the information systems that underpin the effective operation of the SIO affording the Royal Navy the assurance that its ships, submarines and aircraft are receiving validated, assured and uncompromised digital data in the age of cyber and information warfare. Using the QinetiQ information systems over 4000 individual software and data products are reproduced, distributed and tracked by the SIO every month. This allows the SIO to know at any time what software has been issued to every ship, submarine or aircraft across the globe.

Press release, Image: UK Navy