Most Read News, November 10 – 16, 2014

Virtual Technology Changes Design of UK Navy Warships

BAE Systems’ Engineers are overhauling their approach to the design and build of Royal Navy warships by using cutting edge virtual reality technology.

US Navy’s EA-6B Prowler Retires

As the sun sets on USS George H.W. Bush’s (CVN 77) current deployment, it also sets on the illustrious career of the EA-6B Prowler with the US Navy.

Australia Keeps a Close Eye on Russian Vessels

Australian Defence is monitoring Russian naval vessels that are currently transiting through international waters to the north of Australia.

DARPA Explores Options for Aircraft Carriers in the Sky

Military air operations typically rely on large, manned, robust aircraft, but such missions put these expensive assets—and their pilots—at risk. While small unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) can reduce or eliminate such risks, they lack the speed, range and endurance of larger aircraft.

USS John C. Stennis Raises Its Flag

US Navy’s Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS John C. Stennis (CVN 74) reached the end of one journey and began a new one on November 5.

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