ITS Andrea Doria Meets Fishermen in Gulf of Aden

One of Operation Atalanta’s objectives is to develop a greater understanding of the way of life of fishermen and other seafarers who sail in the Gulf of Aden. As a result, EU Naval Force flagship, ITS Andrea Doria was recently tasked to meet local fishermen, who, until two years ago, lived with the constant fear of being attacked by Somali pirates.

On 7 November ITS Andrea Doria’s Boarding Team took the opportunity to meet a number of fishermen close to the Somali coastline. In conversation, the fishermen said that they appreciated the presence of warships as they help to deter pirates from coming out to sea to attack fishing dhows.

Prior to the Italian Boarding Team sailing back to ITS Andrea Doria, they offered the fishermen some milk, water, biscuits and rice as part of a CIMIC programme sponsored by the Italian Ministry of Defence.

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Press release, Image: EUNAVFOR