Danish Navy Rescues Two during Survey Ops in Greenland

Royal Danish Navy’s inspection vessel EJNAR MIKKELSEN recently rescued two teenage girls during the testing operations of its new Multibeam Echosounder (MBES) in Greenland waters.

EJNAR MIKKELSEN was in the process of conducting hydrographic surveys west of the Kok Islands, close to Nuuk, when it was contacted by the local police who needed help rescuing two teenage girls in the inner part of the fjord at Nuuk where they had been reported missing after a fishing trip.

During the search the vessel took advantage of the SeaBat 7111 to provide real time highly accurate and detailed mapping of the seabed making it possible to explore large coastal areas. After a 19-hour search, EJNAR MIKKELSEN spotted the missing girls.

EJNAR MIKKELSEN is to be used for surveying and inspection duties and is currently being refitted to be able to undertake hydrographic surveys around Greenland.

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Press release, Image: Teledyne