US Navy’s 7th Fleet Sailors Get Protective Garments

Specialists with Griffin Technologies fit US Navy’s 7th Fleet Sailors with chemical, biological and radiological masks and protective garments during a week-long customized fit session to ensure combat readiness and CBR threat protection for the forward deployed staff.

Seventh Fleet sailors embarked on the forward deployed command and control ship USS Blue Ridge (LCC 19) are required to be deployment ready at all times. The fit tests provide an assessment by analyzing each individual’s face size, breathing style and body size.

The custom-fit protective gear is an essential element to provide eye and respiratory protection for Sailors in the event of a chemical, biological and radiological threat. The mask is designed to protect from blister, nerve, choking and blood agents to include mustard gas, chlorine, sarin and a long list of other airborne contaminants.

The test consists of Sailors donning a gas mask then having a plastic hood placed over their heads while a simulated gas leaks into the hood. The sensors inside the hood and the mask then determine whether the gas has leaked or not.

The fit tests ensure Sailors get the right size for each individual’s protective equipment. Most ships are only equipped with calipers which give Sailors an idea of what size mask they need. For Sailors with smaller or larger than average bone structures, the increased accuracy of the customized fit tests helps certify that the mask fits properly.

Press release, Image: US Navy