Canadian Navy: Bravo Zulu of the Week!

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Bravo Zulu to six crew members of Her Majesty’s Canadian Ship (HMCS) Toronto who sprang into action in response to a fire and assisted in the evacuation of a burning building during a port visit on November 14th in Antalya, Turkey.

Two of the ship’s officers, Lieutenant(Navy) (Lt(N)) Samuel Gaudreault and Lt(N) Daniel Willis were in a restaurant when they noticed smoke coming from a nearby building and heard cries for help. They quickly grabbed fire extinguishers and rushed toward the cries coming from the second floor. Lt(N) Gaudreault and Lt(N) Willis helped evacuate at least three people from the second storey.

Meanwhile, Master Corporal Shirley Jardine, Leading Seaman Jean-François Martineau, Corporal (Cpl) Jo Boivin, and Able Seaman Chris Richards were shopping in the area when Cpl Boivin noticed the smoke. The four ran to the burning building to provide support.

Skilled in firefighting and in first response, the group used a fire hose rigged in the street outside to cool the building and help extinguish the fire. They also administered first aid to evacuees and aided the local Fire Department and Police before returning to the ship.

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Press release, Image: Canadian Navy

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