Russian Navy’s Corvettes Join in Firing Drills

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During recent missile and artillery exercises, the Russian Baltic Fleet’s corvettes Soobrazitelnyy and Steregushchiy, along with the missile vessel “P-257”, completed firing at surface and air targets.

The drills were held in the Kaliningrad region and the targets simulated enemy combat ships and air attacks.

The corvettes repelled attacks by small targets, conducted air defense tasks and organized communication between ships.

Artillery systems of 100-mm and 30-mm were used during practical shooting.

After working with the corvettes, the crew of “P-257″ performed complex artillery firing at surface and air targets of different sizes at different distances from the ship.

Corvette Steregushchiy, commissioned in 2007, is the lead vessel of the Russian Navy’s newest Steregushchy class of corvettes, while corvette Soobrazitelnyy, commissioned in October 2011, is the second ship in the class.

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Naval Today Staff, Image: Russian Department of Defence

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