DCNS Exhibits at Exponaval

DCNS, a company involved in the European and world markets for value-added naval defence systems, is exhibiting at the Exponaval Exhibition in Valparaiso, Chile, December 2-5, 2014.

DCNS combines resources and expertise spanning the naval defence value chain and entire system lifecycles. The company delivers innovative solutions from integrated warships to strategic systems, equipment, services and new energy solutions.

The DCNS stand showcases:

– The SCORPENE® medium-size submarine. Already chosen by the Chilean Navy and other first rank navies, SCORPENE® submarines represents the state-of-the-art in submarine design and construction and benefits from the latest technologies developed for nuclear-powered classes operated by the French Navy, particularly as regards acoustic discretion and combat system performance. Excellent endurance makes the SCORPENE® one of the few medium-displacement designs suitable for extended ocean patrol duties. The modular design can also be readily tailored to each customer’s specific mission profiles and other requirements.

– The SCORPENE®1000, a compact submarine designed to operate in coastal waters, a theatre of growing importance to all maritime nations. Being also a fearsome adversary in deep water, SCORPENE®1000 combines a state-of-the-art design with stealth, agility and power. A direct descendant of the SCORPENE®, the SCORPENE®1000 is remarkably effective in any underwater role that a client navy may wish to assign to it.

– SUBTICS®, a combat system for submarine which combines operational efficiency, high-performance sensors and long-range weapons. The system can be readily added to any new-build programme or integrated as part of a refit. It has been selected by several navies for SCORPENE®, and AGOSTA 90B submarines, as well as for modernisation programmes for submarines already in service.

– The projection and command ship or Mistral LHD a multipurpose surface vessel designed to cover a broad spectrum of missions, including amphibious operations, crisis management, airborne operations, operational command, operational transport, healthcare support, humanitarian operations and freight transport. The operational capability and interoperability of the Mistral LHD were demonstrated in Operation Baliste off Lebanon and on sea trials with the US Navy (involving the LCAC and Super Stallion).

– The GOWIND®2500 is amulti-mission corvette is a combat vessel designed for surveillance and combat naval operations both above and below the water, and protection and escort missions, in particular in the littoral environment. It also allows the performance of presence, maritime surveillance and anti-trafficking and anti-piracy policing missions. The GOWIND® 2500 corvette is equipped with a powerful combat system with the highest-performance systems allowing it to act and react securely, reliably, precisely and immediately to multiple threats, thanks to SETIS® the latest-generation combat management system developed by DCNS and in service in the French Navy on FREMM multi-mission frigates. The GOWIND® 2500 capitalizes on DCNS developments and know-how in the field of platform stealth. Stealth and construction robustness, in line with military standards, ensures the vessel’s high survivability capacity.

– The GOWIND®1000, a new fast and reconfigurable naval asset, ready to face 21st challenges. She is a high speed vessel capable of fast intervention against emerging threats, with a significant autonomy for deployment from littoral to deep ocean environments in time of crisis. This highly versatile design allows quick reconfiguration according to the mission assigned. Highly automated, with a crew reduced to 44, the GOWIND®1000takes benefit of DCNS experience to design complex warships and integrate Combat systems thanks to its long term relationship with the French and foreign Navies.

– The OPV 90.L’Adroit. The vessel achieved successfully maritime security missions with the French Navy all over the world these last three years. Her original design and key innovations arouse interest and enthusiasm everywhere the vessel stopped for a visit. In total, twenty navies looking for new assets to face current maritime security issues have been visited and discovered the ship. The design of L’Adroit named “OPV 90″ is used for a whole range of current and emerging missions including maritime surveillance and the interdiction of all forms of illegal trafficking and piracy.

– POLARIS® – a compact and upgradable mission system for optimised littoral surveillance. The POLARIS® mission system – in operational service since 2012 on board the OPV 90 L’Adroit – has been designed for surveillance and operation missions in littoral waters. It is used in conducting surveillance and protection missions such as the counter-piracy, surveillance and protection of exclusive economic zones (EEZ), the fight against trafficking, and convoy protection. The system manages combat against asymmetric threats. In its most complete version, it incorporates antisurface warfare capability with fire-and-forget very short range air defence (VSHORAD) missiles. POLARIS® also supports networked operation. The system is well adapted to be installed on OPVs, FACs, FPBs, LPD/LHDs… POLARIS® offers scalable functionalities that are built for maritime situation awareness, interoperability and surface warfare management. The functional core is a robust, optimized and capable tactical system, which takes benefit of DCNS Combat Systems already in service.

DCNS supports worldwide navies during the entire life-cycle of submarines and surface ships, from design to decommissioning. Developed with economic performance and operational efficiency in mind, DCNS range of services includes: Through-life support, Modernisation, Infrastructures design and maintenance, Training and Technology transfer. This offer is based on decades of expertise and built on a strong relationship of proximity. DCNS sets up agreement and partnership with local shipyards and contractors like ASMAR to drive programmes to success.

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Press release, Image: DCNS