Sri Lankan Navy Rescues Two

Naval personnel of the Rapid Response Rescue and Release Squadron (4Rs) and the naval diver attached to the KKD Naval Deployment of the Northern Naval Command rescued two civilians (two women) from drowning in the KKD sea on 04th January 2015.

The women, who had been onboard the passenger ferry “Kumuduni”, had slipped and fallen into the sea between the jetty and the passenger ferry while attempting to disembark. Alert naval personnel sighting the accident had managed to save their lives without any injury through their prompt action.

The Navy has deployed its personnel at the passenger jetty to ensure the public safety and assist the civilians who use passenger ferries to attend to their day-to-day needs in the mainland. SLN personnel specialized in life saving operations are placed on routine duty and they provide assistance to the general public and issue instructions to ferry operators to adhere to safety guidelines during the ferry services operated daily.

Press Release