USS Mount Whitney Enters Croatia for Overhaul

The U.S. 6th Fleet command and control ship USS Mount Whitney (LCC 20) arrived in Rijeka, Croatia, for a scheduled shipyard period Jan. 15, 2015.

The 620-foot flagship is scheduled to undergo a complete overhaul, docking, and renovation at the Viktor Lenac shipyard, located in Rijeka, Croatia.

Capt. Mark Colombo, USS Mount Whitney commanding officer, said:

This shipyard period is the first in a series of overhauls designed to extend Mount Whitney’s service life through 2039. As a 43-year-old-ship, it’s important to upgrade and modernize Mount Whitney’s capabilities to ensure she can remain the premier command and control platform in the U.S. Navy.

Mike Huzyak, USS Mount Whitney chief mate, added:

As one of the oldest ships in the fleet, this yard period will bring our ship’s operational capabilities into the 21st century. Once all of the assured power upgrades are installed, and tested over the next seven months. It will allow us, and the mariners, to operate the ship more safely, efficiently, and environmentally friendly for our active duty military customers.

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Press release, Image: US Navy