US Navy Scientist Recognized with Scientific Achievement Award

A U.S. Navy scientist received the 2014 NATO Science and Technology Organization’s Scientific Achievement Award, the Navy announced Jan. 22.

NATO Chief Scientist Major Gen. Albert Husniaux, conferred the award to Naval Surface Warfare Center Dahlgren Division (NSWCDD) principal scientist Steve Anderson for his impact on the MSG-088 Task Group’s work on data farming in support of NATO.

The collaboration enabled Anderson and his colleagues to achieve their objective – assess data farming capabilities worldwide to impact the development of improved decision support to NATO forces.

The Scientific Achievement Award recognizes outstanding contributions in the context of activities in aerospace science and technology or aerospace systems applications.

Anderson’s research specifically applied to humanitarian assistance and disaster relief planning.

For example, he used modeling and simulation to explore the effectiveness of the Future Naval Capability project called the Transformable Craft, or T-Craft, in humanitarian assistance and disaster relief efforts.

This potential future U.S. and allied Navy air cushion vehicle could serve many purposes, including the transport of equipment and personnel between locations at sea and ashore during humanitarian assistance, disaster recovery, and major combat operations.

Moreover, T-Craft complements U.S. Naval Sea-Basing strategy as a leap-ahead technology. Initial designs propose a fuel-efficient craft capable of self deployment during open ocean transits. T-Craft will enable high speed shallow-water transits while fully loaded with at least four M-1 tanks, good sea-keeping during cargo transfers at sea, and amphibious operations capability.

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Press release, Image: US Navy