French, Cameroonian Navies Take Part in NEMO 2015

French Navy’s vessel Lieutenant de vaisseau Lavallée (F790) commenced the naval exercise NEMO 2015 on January 20.

The exercise is being held in the Gulf of Guinea in cooperation with the Cameroonian Navy.

As part of the exercise, the crews of both navies are engaged in highbush operations in the southwest of the island of Bioko (Equatorial Guinea). The vessels Lieutenant de vaisseau Lavallée and BPC Tonnerre are conducting various exercises with the navies of Central and West Africa as well.

Organized since 1990, highbush is a mission of almost permanent presence of the French forces in the Gulf of Guinea.

NEMO aims to develop cooperation and operational coordination between marine coastal countries in the framework of monitoring and securing the maritime area of the Gulf of Guinea.

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Naval Today Staff, Image: French Navy