FGS Lubeck Escorts WFP Vessel to Kismayo, Somalia

EU Naval Force German frigate, FGS Lubeck, has safely escorted a World Food Programme (WFP) vessel from Mombasa to the port of Kismayo in southern Somalia.

The escort of WFP vessels along the Somali coast is a key role of EU Naval Force warships to protect them from pirates.

After rendezvousing outside the port of Mombasa, crew members from FGS Lubeck went on board the WFP vessel for a pre-voyage brief with the master of the vessel; this involved the setup and testing of communications and confirmation of response procedures in case of a pirate attack.

During the transit, the German frigate sailed close to the WFP vessel and ensured that her crew and cargo arrived safely at the port of Kismayo.

Since the EU Naval Force began escorting WFP vessels along the Somali coast in 2009, none have been attacked or pirated.

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