New Steregushchy Class Vessels to Join Russian Navy’s Fleet

The Russian Navy plans to expand its fleet with two new project 20380 Steregushchy Class Corvettes.

According to the Russian Ministry of Defence, the vessels will be laid down at the JSC Severnaya Verf shipyard in St. Petersburg, at the end of February.

The corvettes, which will be named Retivyy and Strogiy, will join the navy’s existing fleet of four Steregushchy Class vessels, namely Steregushchiy, Soobrazitelnyy, Boikiy and Stoikiy.

Designed for anti-submarine and air defense, as well as surface target attacks, these vessels have a length of 105 meters, width of 13 meters and can reach a maximum speed of 27 knots.

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Naval Today Staff, Image: Russian Ministry of Defence